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I love to cook, and I love to learn about food and how to use healthy, simple ingredients.  I’m pretty obsessed with Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, well … just about any food competition show.  Some of my friends have asked me to share my recipes for things like simple homemade taco seasonings and homemade alternatives to processed foods, so a blog seemed logical (one of those 4 in the morning decisions).  I try to cook without using canned goods, processed foods, pre-packaged foods or convenience foods.  My blog will include some recipes, some foundational basic cooking techniques, some observations about food, and well, whatever “foodishness” comes to mind.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Ellyn,

    I have a recipe for wings that is very good, but it uses dry mix onion soup mix, such as the stuff used in those ubiquitous party dips. The problem I’ve found is that probably with a lot of unwanted additives that we don’t need, it makes the wings way too salty. Have you ever come up with something to substitute for dry onion soup mix?

    1. Hi Toni. Can you tell me what your recipe is (the one you’re using now that uses the onion soup mix)? I have been looking into this and I may have some ideas.

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