A Sneaky Smoothie Mix


While in the produce department of my local supermarket this morning, I noticed a prominent display of “Smoothie Mixes”, pouches with very attractive photographs of fruit, and on the front were the words “quick and easy to prepare, our Smoothie Mixes are an easy way to add  fresh fruit to your diet”.   Let’s investigate:


So to get this straight, you’ll need this pouch, a banana, milk and ice.  The mix contains sugar, corn syrup solids, natural and artificial flavors and xanthan gum.   There’s nothing nutritious in the mix, in fact, there’s nothing but sugars, a thickener, and whatever those flavors might be.  There’s more sugar in this than in a can of Coca Cola (about 1/4 cup of sugar).  That’s nearly twice the recommended daily limit of sugar!











Instead of adding all that sugar and junk to a smoothie, why not get some fresh fruit, some ice, some non-fat organic Greek yogurt, and make a smoothie!!!


One thought on “A Sneaky Smoothie Mix

  1. I told my daughter about this. I don’t think she even knew “smoothie mixes” were out there. Last night she cut up mango and banana to freeze for a smoothie this morning. I don’t know if she adds sugar, but I do know that she did not share any with me! LOL

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