Almonds are good, right? Oh, wait…


I found this today, while looking in the nuts/snack aisle.  The front of the package says simply “Roasted Almonds”.  And almonds are a healthy, recommended snack.  There are no flavors described on the front of the package, nothing to suggest these are anything but almonds.  But just look at the back label carefully.  There are at least three kinds of sugars, at least three sources of glutamates (refer to the page beneath the main title called “How Processed Foods Can Affect Us”) and you just know a lot of processing went into modifying those starches and solids.   These almonds don’t qualify, in my opinion, as a healthy option!












One thought on “Almonds are good, right? Oh, wait…

  1. I had to run look at my canister of peanuts. It contains peanuts and an oil. Why can’t they be specific? It says the oil may be peanut, canola, or cottonseed oil. I was relieved to see that there were no secret ingredients in the plain ol’ peanuts that my daughter makes peanut brittle with.

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